Supplementation Guide for All Beginner Athletes

With the creation of supplements, athletes, trainers, and everyone who was looking to get fit believed in its ability to cure and allow you to do anything – wrong! If its advertisement sounds too good to be true, such as promising you with 400% gains in strength, there is a high chance that it isn’t true.

What are the proven supplements?

These are the supplements that have been proven in numerous studies to provide benefits to the user.


  • Neurotransmitter Formulas


A neurotransmitter is an example of a fringe supplement. Studies have shown that intake of neurotransmitter formulas definitely works as it can improve the brain functions through the use of acetylcholine, several B vitamins, and DMAE.

These are the perfect type of compounds if you’re in dire need of a pre-workout boost – or if you need to concentrate on studying. Some recommendations when it comes to neurotransmitter formulas include Cerebro by Syntrax and EAS Kick Start.


  • Protein Powder


This has become a staple in an athletes’ diet. There are two kinds of protein powder: meal replacements and post workout.

Meal replacements typically have slower digesting proteins, some amount of fats, and a fair amount of carbohydrates. These are perfect for when you’re looking for a good substitute for meals or even a late night snack.  You can also opt to add fruits or EFA oils to your shake.


  • Multivitamins


These can be considered as the most essential supplement ever. There are times when it is hard to get the RDV of vitamins and minerals through diet alone; with supplements promoting multivitamins, you get to achieve your daily dosages of Vitamin B, Vitamin B Complex, and more.


  • Creatine


Creatine is a combination of three amino acids that permits water into the muscle paving way to the creation and usage of more ATP or energy used for muscles. It is not a steroid, and its effects do not have any resemblance to that of a steroid’s.


  • Various Essential Fatty Acids and Oils


Besides the basics, you can find a lot of proven supplements out there. It’s just a matter of knowing which one. Buy the wrong thing, and it will be just a waste of time and money. Here are some of the things you should remember when buying supplements not included in the above list.

Supplements such as Nox2 and glutamine haven’t been proven to have any real benefits. Delivering pumps do not count as it won’t help the athlete in any way possible.

Arginine and glutamine help in the burning of the victims boost immunity as well as tissue healing. However, for the average person, it doesn’t provide any credible advantages.

For prohormones, most of them work. The problem with this kind of supplement is that it is not advisable to be used by teenagers because it tinkers with their endocrine system which is a bad thing considering it is still developing.

Unless you are taking anabolism steroids, supplements aren’t the answers to you getting fit quickly. It is important to remember that when buying supplements, the sense of skepticism should be put to use.


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