Resistance Training Guide for All Beginner Athletes

Beginner athletes will have a hard time creating their training routine as compared to those who have been at it for quite some time now. In this guide, you’ll find the necessary training and nutrition program needed for sports training.

Here’s a quick rundown of things to be discussed in this article:

  • Resistance training includes addressing the athletes weakness, tempo, programs, weights, rest times, and sets as well as reps.

Compound Lifts vs. Isolation Lifts


Most beginner athletes tend to focus on aesthetics such as vanity exercises, curls, and flies when they should be focusing on doing compound lifts that aim to target different kinds of muscles. It has been proven that the compound lifts makes you stronger because it assists in the creation of new muscles, it allows you to accomplish more in a lesser time frame, and it burns calories more than isolation lifts can.

However, isolation lifts can also have its set of benefits. These benefits include being able to address one’s weakness and rehab. These two can be intertwined into “prehab”.

A trainer should be able to determine one’s weakness first. A beginner athlete’s weakness would normally involve posterior chain, rotatory cuffs, and core area. As you may have noticed, these are not mirror muscles. Inexperienced athletes normally have the mindset “If I can’t see them, I don’t need to train them” – huge mistake!

It is important to bring the body parts at par with the rest of the body to become injury proof. Strengthening the rotator cuff, even though it has not been injured, will help you avoid any kind of injuries in the future – this is what you call “prehab”, you address the weakness and work on becoming better at it.

What are the 4 movement planes?

  • Horizontal pushing
  • Horizontal pulling
  • Vertical pushing
  • Vertical pulling

While these may become complicated for a beginner athlete, most trainers would trade these four movement planes into something simpler – upper body push and pull. The bench press is a good example of an upper body push, while BB bent over row is an example of an upper body pull.

What are the two categories of leg exercises?

  • Hip dominant
  • Quad dominant

Squats are an example of a quad dominant exercise and dead lift for a hip dominant exercise. Most of the time, athletes tend to focus on quad dominant exercises which result into a terrible imbalance between the two categories. Furthermore, it also causes an imbalance between the hamstring and quadriceps. Remember, it is important to over-emphasize the hamstring rather than the quadriceps for the purpose of avoiding leg injuries.

What is the proper way of doing sets and reps?

  • For HYPERTROPHY, do 6 to 10 reps and 3 to 5 sets.
  • For STRENGTH, do 1 to 5 rep range with a higher amount of sets.
  • For POWER, do 1 to 5 rep range with a lower amount of sets.

The beauty about beginner athletes is that you’ll start with the basics. The basics are important because this is what ground your future training as you develop skills. Furthermore, this can be applied to almost any kind of sport.


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