I’ve had the pleasure over the years to live in a place people vacation. I’ve witnessed the beautiful rising of the Sun and the romantic setting of the Moon on many occasions. I’ve been in the wedding business for over ten years and still feel every emotion the bride, groom and even the in-laws do once they step barefoot on the sand and join in holy matrimony. The reason I’m writing this testimonial is to share with you the downside of being in a profession with high emotional aspects. It’s hard to stay professional when you feel the joy, worry or even sadness when it comes to high-stress lifetime events. Where do I get the motivation every day to deliver such a high-note and positive experience for every client? I stay grounded. I remind myself that this is their special day and my daily stress cannot and should not affect it.

My morning routine of waking up at sunrise, meditating, working out and enjoying the nutrients of a delicious breakfast my wife makes every morning is how I stay grounded. I remind myself and my family that we are here to provide exceptional service and a memorable experience. If you ever lose motivation because of daily struggles, fear, or just plain laziness, remember that there are other people relying on you and your talents. You have so much to give. Get your mind right and everything will follow. Make your life memorable.”

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