What music or podcast do you listen to while working out? Do you have inspirational messages flowing throughout your headphones as your run? Are you making sure your body AND mind are set for the day before stress builds? We know how difficult it can be sometimes to motivate yourself to do the simple things, let alone the more challenging. Here are a few ways to stay motivated regardless of your situation or your ability.

1. Commit

Commit to doing your best. Commit to waking up in the morning without hitting that snooze button. Commit to telling yourself you CAN and you WILL. There’s no such thing as limitations. Limits are figments of your imagination. It’s your mind telling you NO until you say YES.

2. Set Up Goals

What are your daily goals? Wake up at 7am? Meditate? Run? Whatever your goals may be, make sure to set them realistically and effectively. If you aren’t a morning person, don’t expect to run 5 miles each morning. Set your goals up that will align you with your results.

3. Take Breaks

It’s important to push your comfort zone, but it isn’t as important as to have a healthy work-life balance. Take breaks after accomplishing three of your goals today. Take a walk, grab a snack, or take a bathroom breather (we’ve all done it). Keep yourself accountable with your health.

4. Ask For Feedback

Ask your coworkers or your closest loved ones and friends for honest feedback. Use this feedback not as criticism, but as motivation. Use what they tell you and multiply your efforts to achieving your goals quicker. Not everyone will pat you on your back, but they are the ones who will tell you the honest truth.

5. Don’t Focus On The Things You Can’t Control

Regardless of your ambition, there are still things you cannot control. The weather, the past or other people are some examples. Use your energy wisely. Don’t predict and don’t look back. Focus on now so you can create a ‘later’. You have the strength within you – tap into it.

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